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Cosmedicguide.co.uk goal is to become one of the UK’s largest information portal within plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine and beauty treatments. The portal was founded in 2010 and published by Frontline AB.

Cosmedicguide.co.uk’s goal is to inform consumers with factual and enlightening information about the possibilities and limitations of cosmetic medicine and as well as the many new cosmetic treatments. Therefore, by doing so we provide a bridge between doctors, beauty specialists and consumers.

The information portal’s content and services is developed by an editorial team comprised of journalists, specialists and web developers in close collaboration with plastic surgeons, doctors, nurses and dermatologists. All of our medical and treatment information are examined by a specialsit surgeon before being published.

All of cosmedicguide.co.uk’s services are free of cost for our users but is fincanced primarly by sponsors and advertisers on the site. Please note that our content is independent and cannot be influenced by advertisers or sponsors.

About Frontline AB

Cosmedicguide.co.uk is run by a Swedish media company named Frontline AB, founded in 1999. Frontline’s business is focused on developing and producing proprietary subject-oriented digital media. Our information portals and web based directories provide the general public with an informative and instructive experience as well as being a focused media channel which allows suppliers to present their message for an already interested target audience.

Frontline runs business in UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain and France.

Frontline’s goal is to offer a value to the internet as an information media for the users whether they are consumers or suppliers.

About the websites contents

Despite the editorial competence and control, the material on cosmedicguide.co.uk should only be regarding as general information and cannot and should not replace a professional medical consultation, such as a doctor’s appointment. The websites content should not be the basis of a diagnosis or treatment, but merely be seen as a complement to current healthcare.

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