The time after a breast lift

Immediately after your breast lift an elastic support band is placed around the breasts. In some cases compressors are worn under a tight sports bra. Also occasionally a drainage tube is inserted into each breast so that blood and fluid accumulations in the surgical area can recede.

All about breast lift surgery (breast uplift)

Pain and discomfort after a breast lift

You will experience pain during the first days after surgery – especially when moving. Subsequently you will feel discomfort during the first 7-10 days. You will receive a prescription for painkilling medication from your surgeon to minimize the discomfort.

Your first menstruation following your breast lift can make your breast swell and feel tender. You may also experience moments of short, intensive pain in your breasts during the first months.

Bandage and suture removal

The bandages are removed within a few days of your breast lift, but you will need to wear a tight sports bra throughout the active part of the day for a few weeks. The sutures are removed after 1-3 weeks. In some cases self-absorbable sutures are used which will not need removal.

Tactile/sensitivity changes

Due to swelling you will experience decreased sensitivity to the skin and nipples. The reduced sensitivity will however gradually subside throughout the first 6 weeks. In some patients this does however last for up to a year or more and in exceptional cases it is permanent.

Returning to work and normal activities after a breast lift

Although you will be up and moving after a day or two – with breast pain – you should avoid lifting heavy things throughout the first months after surgery.

Some fluid leakage from the scars is normal but if you experience bleeding or excessive pain you should contact the clinic for advice.

You will receive instructions from your surgeon about how the return to your normal activities should go. Most patients return to work (if it is not too physically strenuous) and normal social activities within a week.

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