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The first thing that happens after your breast reduction is that an elastic support bandage is placed around the breast. In some cases compresses are worn under a tight sports bra, in others a drainage tube may be placed in each breast through which blood and fluid accumulations can recede.

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Pain and discomfort after a breast reduction surgery

You will feel pain during the first days after surgery – especially when you move. Thereafter, for the first 7-10 days, you will experience some discomfort. You will be given a prescription for pain killing medication which reduces the discomfort.

Bandage and suture removal

The bandages are removed within a few days of your breast reduction. However, you will need to wear a tight sports bra around-the-clock during the first month, as well as under the entire active part of the day for two months.

The sutures are removed after 1-3 weeks. In some cases absorbable sutures which do not need to be removed are used.

Swelling and sensitivity changes

The first menstruation after your breast reduction can make your breasts swell and feel tender. You may also experience moments of short intensive pain in the breast for the first months. Also count on, as a result of the swelling, experience decreased sensitivity of the skin and nipples. Generally this subsides gradually during the first 6 weeks. In some patients it remains for up to a year and in exceptional cases it is permanent.

Returning to work and normal activities after a breast reduction

Even though you will be up and moving after a day or two – although with breast pain – you should avoid lifting heaving things during the first month of surgery.

You will be given thorough instructions by your plastic surgeon about how the return to your normal activities should progress. Most patients return to their work (if it is not physically strenuous) and normal social activities after approx. 2-3 weeks. You will however feel weak for several weeks and should limit your training to stretching and walks until you have regained your strength.

You should avoid sexual activity for six weeks or more since sexual stimulation can lead to the surgical wounds swelling and expanding. You should also avoid everything other than careful caressing of the breasts for six weeks. Some fluid leakage from the scars is normal but if you experience bleeding and intense pain you should contact the clinic for guidance.

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