The time following a brow lift/forehead lift

Since a brow lift/forehead lift using the open technique is more invasive than a brow lift with the endoscopic technique the post operative cycle differs between the procedures.

The after cycle for a traditional brow lift/forehead lift

Pain and discomfort

After the first few hours once the local anaesthesia begins to subside you will experience pain and discomfort around the incisions which is coped with prescribed painkilling medication. In some cases a longer lasting local anaesthetic is administered to the scalp to further reduce these symptoms.

You will most likely also experience some loss of feeling around the forehead but mainly to the scalp behind the incisions.

Swelling and bruising

After the operation you should reduce the swelling and bruising by keeping the upper body high and sleep with the head in a raised position for three days. Other than swelling and bruising to the forehead it can also occur in the areas around the cheeks and eyes. The swelling and bruising normally subsides within 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

Sensitivity changes

As a result of the nerves healing some loss of sensitivity to the scalp can to some extent transcend to itching which can last for a long time. You can also count on some permanent loss of sensitivity in the hair behind the scar.

Bandage and sutures

Any bandages that have been placed around the head will be removed within a few days after surgery. The closing staples and/or stitches are removed within two weeks which in some cases is done at two occasions

Temporary hair loss

The hair next to the scars on the crown will in some cases become thinner but gains normal growth after some time. In exceptional cases the condition may become permanent.

All about brow lift (forehead lift)

The after cycle for an endoscopic brow lift

Patients that have undergone an endoscopic brow lift experience some postoperative sensitivity changes and discomfort associated with the incisions as well as some swelling after plastic surgery.

The pain associated with the incisions is normally limited and coped with prescription painkilling medication such as Alvedon (Paracetamol). The itching around the scars is milder for patients that have undergone an endoscopic procedure in comparison with an open brow lift.

The closing staples or stitches are generally removed within a week of surgery.

General information about the after cycle irrespective of the method

The first week

You are normally up and moving immediately after your brow lift but should limit your activities and get a lot of rest for at least a week post operative. Normally you can shower and use shampoo after two days or immediately after the dressings are removed.

Returning to work and normal activities

Most patients return to normal social activities or work within a week to 10 days after their surgery. More physical activity such as running, weight training, sex and heavier household chores, which all increase the blood pressure, should be avoided completely for a month.

You can count on your appearance being back to normal within approximately three weeks after surgery. Any traces of swelling and bruising can be hidden with makeup.

During the first time after surgery it is completely normal to feel slightly tired and down in general but you will regain your energy as you feel and look better.

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