Chin augmentation after cycle

A chin enhancement is a relatively simple procedure and the time following surgery is generally as undramatic as the actual surgery.

  • Once your anaesthesia wares off you may experience brief intensive pain. Other than that the pain after a chin enlargement is modest and is coped with pain killing medication.
  • Generally your sutures are removed after 5-7 days. If your chin enlargement has been performed through an incision to the bottom lip the sutures will eventually dissolve and disappear.
  • Some swelling occurs in the area but gradually disappears within 1-2 weeks. The swelling can be limited with ice bags that are applied to the area for half an hour, three times a day, during day 1 and 2.
  • Depending on the surgical method used your plastic surgeon may have prescribed an antibiotic treatment which needs to be followed carefully.
  • When surgery has been performed in the oral cavity you will need to eat easily chewable or liquid food for a few days.
  • You should sleep on your back the first week following your chin augmentation
  • Count on being back at work after approximately one week (due to appearance related reasons rather than physical).

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