The cosmetic eyelid surgery after cycle

Cosmetic eyelid surgery, seen from a surgical view point, is a relatively uncomplicated surgery and the immediate after cycle from the patients’ point of view is fairly undramatic. Although sometimes a heavy swelling can occur.

Pain and discomfort

Immediately after surgery once the sedative wears off, the patient may feel intense pain. However, this will subside after 30-45 minutes. Thereafter the eyelids will feel taut and tender for another week. The discomfort can be treated with painkilling medication.

Swelling and wound

Swelling and bruising is treated and minimised by ice bags being placed on the eyes following your surgeon’s orders (the extent of the bruising varies between patients but normally peaks after one week and disappears completely after 2-4 weeks).

To further hasten the swelling the patient should lay on its back with the head high for two weeks after the surgery.

Temporary discomfort

Throughout the first weeks the patient may experience an over production of tears, light sensitivity and temporary sight disturbances. Once the sutures are removed which is normally done within a week, the swelling and irritation begins to gradually disappear and you will feel and see better.

Returning to work and normal activities

You should be able to watch TV and read three days after your surgery. However, you will not be able to wear contact lenses for at least two weeks.

Most patients are ready to be seen in public (and begin working again) after 5-10 days. Then the patient can also use make up again to cover the remaining bruises.

You may be sensitive to sunlight, wind and other irritations for a few weeks and should wear sunglasses and sunscreen during strong sunlight.

You will receive instructions about keeping your activity level to a minimum for three to five days after your cosmetic eyelid surgery and avoid strenuous physical activity for approx. 2 weeks. You will also be asked to avoid alcohol since it causes fluid retention.

Eye care after your cosmetic eye surgery

Your surgeon will give you instructions about how to cleans your eyes. Many cosmetic surgeons prescribe eye drops/ointment since the eyes often feel dry and itch some. The ointment protects the cornea from dehydration.

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