The breast enlargement procedure

The final decision about proceeding with a breast enlargement should be made once you are well informed about the risks as well as possibilities of the different alternatives that are available.

You should undergo a breast augmentation for yourself and alter something which you for sometime have carefully considered and decided that you want to change.

You should not expect perfection but improvement and do not assume your environment will treat you differently because of the breast enlargement.

Breast enlargement surgery (breast augmentation)

Preparation for your breast enlargement

Once you have made a final decision it is time for you to find a suitable clinic and book an appointment. You can read more about how to choose the right plastic surgeon ».

The consultation prior to your breast enlargement

You first consultation will take about half an hour and you will during this time be examined, receive information and discuss your desires with the breast enlargement. You will recognise much of the information from what you have read here.

Your breast will be examined and measured. Thereafter you will discuss your wishes and expectations surrounding the surgery.

It is important that you are well prepared. Bring printed surgery images of other women’s breast which you like. Also bring a bra in the size you wish to fill, which you can use to try implants in order to find the correct prosthesis size. Prepare some questions which your write down and bring along. You will find some suggestions on the page about the pre plastic surgery consultation ».

You will together decide which breast enlargement method is best for you. The decision is based on your own breast type, breast implant type, incision method and your aesthetic requirements.

You must be honest and sincere with your surgeon, just like your surgeon must be towards you and describe the advantages, disadvantages and risk which are associated with different breast implants and surgical methods. Do not forget to tell your surgeon about your medical background, if you smoke, take medication, supplements or other substances.

Surgical preparation

Your surgeon will provide you will rules of conduct prior to your breast augmentation, such as what you should eat and drink, about smoking, medication etc. You will discuss which anaesthetic method; general anaesthetic vs. Narcosis should be used, the recovery period after surgery and your commitments as a patient.

You will also receive instructions about how to look after your hygiene in order to minimise the risk of infection in connection with your breast enlargement. In these there is a so called pre operative wash which entails performing a double wash twice the day before surgery and washing your body and hair wish Decutan or Hebiskrub. These are available at the pharmacy.

The night before your breast augmentation you are to sleep in clean bed linen and on the day of surgery you will take a third double shower before going to the clinic.

You can read more on the page about surgery preperations ».

Surgical procedure for breast enlargement

Before arriving to the clinic on the day or the surgery you will need to have undertaken certain preparations. This includes washing yourself according to the instructions from your surgeon, not to eat or drink, collected painkilling medication, bought a couple of sports bras and arranged for a friend to pick you up and assist you during the first 48 hours after your surgery.

It is also good if you have a pair of track suit bottom and a zipped sweater with your so that you do not need to pull your clothes over your head.
When you arrive to the clinic you will be given a patient room. Once you are installed and changed into surgical clothing you will meet your surgeon who will provide information, answer questions, photograph and draw the surgical area. You will then be provided with preparatory medication and rest in bed. After awhile a nurse will come and take you to surgery.

The first thing to occur in the operating theatre is that the surgical area is sterile washed, various monitoring devices are attached and you will receive your anaesthesia which is generally narcosis.

The surgery begins with the surgeon marking and then placing a 3-5 cm incision in the submammary fold (general case). Thereafter the surgeon shapes the pocket the implant is going to be placed into. The implant is inserted and set into place and the incision is closed. The procedure is then repeated on the other breast. The breast augmentation takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Once the surgery is finished the breasts are bandaged and you are taken by a nurse to the recovery ward where you, under constant surveillance, in peace and quiet can relax after surgery.

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