All about chin augmentation (chin enlargement)

A chin enhancement (chin enlargement) is a plastic surgery procedure which is performed with the aim of changing and enhancing the chins size and contours. Those who are considering a chin augmentation will find thorough information about the procedure here.

The content of this page is divided into a series of articles about chin enhancement which individually present various things you should know as a patient. By taking your time to read through these pages, you will get a good idea of what can be expected from a chin augmentation.

The information about chin enlargement surgery has been reviewed by Dr. Pelle Sahlin, a plastic surgeon specialist and responsible medic at Art Clinic. The content is meant to support your decisions regarding chin augmentation surgery but should not and cannot replace a consultation with a surgeon.

Here you can find all you need to know about chin augmentation:

  • Information about how a chin enlargement is performed and if you are a suitable candidate
  • A description of the time following a chin augmentation and which risks are involved
  • Cost quotation and discussion forum about chin enlargement
  • The chance to ask an expert and view the directory of clinics that perform chin enhancements
  • Chin enlargement before and after picture gallery

What a chin augmentation can do for your appearance

A strong and prominent chin is often thought to reflect a strong personality. Also the chin is one of the parts of the face that gives it character. Both the nose and jaw line reflect the chins proportions.

A weak or fleeing chin can make a nose appear bigger than it actually is and leave the face with an unproportioned profile. A chin enhancement can therefore dramatically alter and improve your appearance.

Despite the vast change a chin enlargement can achieve it is not unusual for people who see the person after undergoing a chin enlargement to not actually notice it. Most often, people will merely notice that the person’s appearance has improved but not how.

Are you a suitable candidate for a chin enlargement?

As previously mentioned a chin enlargement can change the shape, reduce or enlarge the chin. The patients that are most suitable for a chin enlargement are therefore people with uneven, prominent, weak or in some cases underdeveloped chins.

The most common patient wish is to reinforce the chin which is done through a chin augmentation. Such a procedure has a direct effect since the chin becomes more distinguished providing the face with more definition. Another effect is that the nose is often perceived as smaller since the proportions in regard to the chin are altered.

People with a nose that is slightly large in proportion to the faces other proportions are therefore often very pleased with their chin augmentation. It is not uncommon that patients seeking a rhinoplasty are instead recommended a chin enhancement.

For chin enlargements as with all plastic surgery, patients in good physical and mental health with realistic expectations of their surgery results are seen as suitable candidates.

Since chin enhancement surgery is the chin procedure in greatest demand the following articles focus on this procedure. Enjoy!

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