Chin augmentation methods

Through a chin enhancement your chinssize can be changed both in terms of width and projection (how far the chin protrudes in profile). The maximal increase of a chin projection is 10 mm. The shaping sought depends on what “look” you are after, your facial proportions and your surgeons recommendations.

Even if beauty is in the eye of the beholder one can in general say that a balanced chin, seen from the profile, reaches as far out as the lower lips outer point. With a chin augmentation one aims to achieve this target as closely as possible using a chin implant, injection treatments or a sliding genioplasty (chin advancement).

Chin implant; the most common method

The most common method for a chin enhancement is a silicone implant which is inserted under the skin against the chins bone.

By using a chin implant one can achieve substantial size alterations and the result of a chin enlargement with this method is permanent. However, the chins shape can change with time.

Sliding genioplasty (chin advancement); complicated and unusual

Another unusual method for chin enlargement surgery involves a wedge-shaped piece of bone being removed from the lower jawbones bony chin through an incision in the mouth. This piece of bone is then advanced forward and secured with metal plates and screws/steel wire.

This method is more complicated and risky. It has therefore almost completely been replaced by the more simple method of using silicone chin implants.

Injection treatments; easy but only temporary enhancement of the chin

For those not wishing to surgically insert an implant into the chin area there are alternative methods of treatment. Instead of using a chin implant, this method involves building up the chin proportions by injections, a so called tissue filler.

An injection treatment is considerably easier to perform but the result is only temporary and refills of the tissue filler need to be undertaken every seventh to twelfth month.

You can read more about this method of treatment on the information pages about injection treatments ».

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