The chin augmentation process

A chin augmentation can be divided into a three stage process in terms of what happens before, during and after a chin enlargement. This page is about the first two stages of these three steps.

Planning prior to a chin augmentation

Once you have decided to undergo a chin enlargement you need to book a time with a plastic surgeon for your first consultation.

At this initial consultation your cosmetic surgeon will assess your general health condition and your faces shape and proportions. You will also discuss which chin augmentation method is most suitable for you.

Be honest when describing your expectations to your surgeon and demand the same honesty from the surgeon when he/she describes the limitations and risks involved with your chin surgery.

Preparations prior to a chin augmentation

As will all plastic surgery, you will be given specific instructions about how you are to prepare for your chin enhancement. This includes information about how you are to eat and drink, smoking rules, taking vitamins, medication and other substances. You will also be informed about how you are to take care of your hygiene prior to the surgery in order to minimise the risk of infection.

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Surgical procedure for chin augmentation

A chin enhancement with a chin implant is a simple procedure which takes approx. 30-60 minutes. The surgery is generally performed under local anaesthesia, like the one used at the dentist but sedation and narcosis can also be used.

When using a silicone implant the surgeon places an incision in the inside of the lower lip or in the skin under the chin. Through the incision a small pocket is shaped where the implant is to lie. Thereafter the implant is inserted and fixed into its pocket. In some cases the implant is secured with a suture to the periosteum so that it does not shift.

Generally one can say the risk of infection is higher if the incision is placed on the inside of the lower lip due to the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity. Once the implant is in place the incision is closed and your plastic surgery is finished. Thereafter your chin is taped in order to minimise swelling and discomfort.

After your chin operation you will rest and a few hours later you can leave the clinic.

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