Who to turn to for cosmetic plastic surgery abroad?

For those that have come to the conclusion that he/she wants to go forth and perform plastic surgery and then to do so at a foreign clinic there is principally three alternatives. These you can read more about below.

1. A surgery organiser – the “all inclusive” alternative

The increased demand for cosmetic surgery abroad has helped establish several travel agents in the UK specialised in medical tourism and plastic surgery abroad. They offer a complete solution which involves supporting the patient throughout the entire process from first interest to home coming and follow-ups.

The advantage of using companies specialised in Medical Tourism is simple. After contacting them with your desires they take care of all the planning and organising surrounding your plastic surgery abroad.

The disadvantage of using a surgery organiser and their services is that it can result in a higher final cost and your choicesregarding clinic and surgeon are limited to the company’s partners. But often these companies only work with qualified clinics.

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2. Direct contact with the clinic – freedom vs. trouble

To personally choose a clinic and surgeon for cosmetic surgery abroad and arrange the trip oneself provides you as a patient with freedom of choice and generally also a lower final cost. Often, and free of charge, the foreign clinics help with hotel booking as well as pickup and delivery at the airport/train station which facilitates your trip.

For those considering taking direct contact with a local clinic, arranging their own preparations, the trip and the follow-ups it is necessary to do ones research carefully, especially regarding the choice of clinic and surgeon to perform the plastic surgery abroad.

3. A booking agent – the market specialist

A booking agent is a person or company that specialises in a specific country with which she/he has created good contact and knowledge about the cosmetic surgery market. He/she is often British. The booking agent knows which specialities the different clinics have and where one can find the best quality for the best price.

In many cases plastic surgery abroad can be cheaper if booked through an agent, than if the patient was to contact the clinic directly. A booking agent rarely takes a fee from the patient for their services, since there is often a commission agreement with the local clinics.

By using their good local knowledge the booking agent can also advise and provide guidance for practical bits surrounding travel, transport and accommodation.

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