Your guide to cosmetic surgery

This page is intended for those who consider to perform plastic surgery. It will give you factual information and enlightenment about plastic surgery in general, the possibilities and limitations of the various procedures.

Here you can find everything you need to know about plastic surgery:

  • Detailed information and before & after pictures of the various plastic surgery procedures
  • Facts, information and guidance for cosmetic surgery abroad
  • Guidance on how to choose the right surgeon and clinic for your plastic surgery procedure
  • Discussion boards and the opportunity to ask an expert about each cosmetic procedure
  • A clinic directory where you can find clinics providing plastic surgery
  • General information and guidance on plastic surgery (potential risks, consultation with the surgeon etc)

”Well informed patients are satisfied patients”

The medical information on this page has been reveiwed by plastic surgeons from our panel of experts. The content is meant to be an additional basis for your decision but cannot and should not replace a medical consultation.

About the content in this section about plastic surgery

The content on this page is mainly divided into a series of articles. Each series of articles will provide you a good understanding of the subject area in cosmetic surgery.

Therefore, by taking the time to read through the series of articles that are relevant in relation to the procedure you are considering, you will get a good knowledge of plastic surgery in general, the current procedure and what you should expect.

You will find the content on the page in the category menu on the right. Remember – by informing yourself well you will create the conditions for a successful outcome of your intended surgery. Happy reading!

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