The cost of breast lift surgery

How much a breast lift costs depends on several factors. As a plastic surgery patient one should be aware of the connection between the price and procedure and not let the cost be a weighty decision when choosing where you perform your breast lift.

The factors that influence the price for a breast lift are:

  • Where and who performs the breast lift
  • What method is used
  • If the breast lift is performed under general or local anaesthesia
  • If the areola needs to be reduced or moved in connection with the breast lift

Below you will find an indication of prices for breast uplift surgery depending on the method used:

  • Breast lift £3000-£4000
  • Breast lift in combination with areola surgery £3500-£4800
  • Breast lift with implants £4000-£5300

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Financing a breast lift

As can be seen in the previous price list a breast lift can be expensive. For those who do not wish or are unable to finance a breast uplift (mastopexy) alone it is possible to take out a loan and several companies have specialised in loans/financing of plastic surgery.

Before deciding to loan money for your plastic surgery, make sure you are well informed about the terms and conditions.

You can read more about loans/financing of your plastic surgery on the information page about loans for plastic surgery » .

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