The cost of cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery)

No matter what product or service you purchase, the price is based on the quality, choice and demand. A cosmetic surgery procedure is a qualified service that demands relatively large resources, resulting in a high product cost. Therefore at first sight, plastic surgery is often seen as expensive.

Information about cosmetic surgery

Why is cosmetic surgery so “expensive”?

All private companies have profit interests. This includes cosmetic surgery clinics. However, profit is not the factor that causes plastic surgery to be relatively expensive. It is the product cost which first determines the cost of cosmetic surgery.

Factors that contribute to the cost of a cosmetic surgery procedure:

  • How long the actual procedure takes.
  • The amount of personnel resources needed for the procedure. For cosmetic surgery it is not just the plastic surgeons time that costs money, additional personnel is needed in terms of anaesthetist, theatre nurse, assistant nurse etc.
  • The person performing the procedure. Competence costs money and surgeons in demand cost more.
  • The place in which the procedure is being performed. An ultramodern and fully equipped private hospital with the latest technique costs more money to run than an out-of-date surgical reception.
  • The need of preparations and after care.
  • The cost of implants and other material. A good example is that breast implants can cost anywhere from £250 – £1700.
  • The responsibility the clinic takes for any complications. Certain clinics offer cost-free additional surgery for complications even if these cannot be predicted. Others to not unless the complication has been caused by wrong doing, which is generally very difficult to prove.

Do I get my money’s worth?

High care standard and competence costs money. Therefore the cost of cosmetic surgery performed by experienced and requested plastic surgeons at ultramodern clinics is often higher than those that are opposite.

That does not mean that larger clinics are better than small ones. There are several small clinics that through high effectivity can offer high quality with competitive prices.

As a patient it is important to be aware of the connection between price and performance. Therefore it is important not to let price be an important factor when choosing where to undergo your cosmetic surgery.

General cost of plastic surgery

All the different factors that influence the cost of performing plastic surgery make it difficult to provide an exact price list, for both the cosmetic surgery clinics and for us. However, we have tried to provide you with a general idea of what the various cosmetic surgery procedures cost, which you will find on the information page for each individual cosmetic surgery procedure ».

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