The cost of lip enlargement & lip surgery

The cost of a lip enlargement/lip augmentation or other lip surgery varies depending on which method is used and where the procedure is performed.

As a patient it is important to take into consideration the connection between price and performance quality when choosing clinic and therefore not let the price be a dictating factor when deciding where to have the cosmetic lip surgery performed.

Below we present a rough guidance price list for each treatment/procedure:

  • The cost of Fat/dermal graft implant £1300 – £2100
  • The cost of Alloderm implant £1300 – £2100
  • The cost of Fat injection £1300 – £1700
  • The cost of Lip lift/gull-wing plasty £1300 – £1700
  • The cost of V to Y lip enlargement plasty £1300 – £1700
  • The cost of Corner of mouth lift (COML) £800 – £1300

Financing your lip enlargement and lip surgery

There are several companies that are specialised in loans and financing for plastic surgery. Lending money for ones lip enlargement/lip augmentation can therefore be a financing alternative for those who do not wish or cannot pay for the lip surgery up front. As always when lending money, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the loan.

If you want to know more about the loan possibilities for your plastic surgery then you can read more about it on the information page about financing plastic surgery » .

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