The cost of dental veneers (porcelain and plastic)

The dental veneers costThe dental veneers cost is determined by the material, by whom, how many dental veneers are inserted and the choice of clinic.

The cost of porcelain veneers varies between £300 – £1500 per tooth.

The price for porcelain veneers depends on the manufacturer’s price, the clinics fees and how many are inserted at the same time.

The cost of plastic veneers (composite veneers) is roughly £250-£800 per tooth, depending on how many and the extent of work needed to be done.

Financing dental veneers

To achieve a new smile with the placement of dental veneers, it can be relatively expensive. Therefore, one may be in need of borrowing money. It is usually not difficult to loan money for cosmetic dentistry, however it is important that one is informed about the terms and conditions of the financing.

You can read more about loans and financing for your dental veneers on our page about cosmetic treatments financing ».

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