Cost of dental implants (teeth replacement)

A tooth replacement with dental implants A tooth replacement with dental implants is for most people an investment for their future and life quality. Getting new teeth that feel like your own is a valuable improvement, which can mean saving money on future dental expenses.

The final cost of dental implants will be determined by the extent of the treatment, the practitioner’s price, or in some cases where NHS will fund treatment for patients who can’t wear dentures or if an accident or injury has occurred.

How much dental implants cost

The cost of dental implants is somewhere between £1,000-£3,500 for each implant.

The total cost also includes examination, surgery, prosthesis and other material costs.

The NHS and dental implants

The NHS does not normally cover dental implants, unless the patient can prove there is a clear medical need. In order for the NHS to pay for your dental treatment, you will have to first speak to your dentist.

Financing options when seeking private treatment means not paying for your treatments upfront, instead spread the payments over a fixed period of time, taking out a bank loan or other special financing options for dental implants.

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