Cosmetic surgery in The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a slightly unknown destination for Brits wishing to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery abroad. However, this is changing.

Low costs, good communication, proximity and world class plastic surgery competence makes The Czech Republic Europes strongest growth candidate for the UK patient market.

Unlike most other countries in the EU, The Czech Republic has set rules and regulations that guarantee the competence of surgeons performing cosmetic surgery. In summary, this means that it is illegal to claim to be a cosmetic plastic surgeon or perform cosmetic surgery in The Czech Republic without specialist training.

The built in “quality control” system surrounding cosmetic surgery in The Czech Republic assures a high degree of patient security and greatly simplifies the choice of clinic and surgeon.

Cost of cosmetic surgery in The Czech Republic

The cost of plastic surgery in The Czech Republic is 40-60% lower than in the UK. The same goes for board and lodging. The most common procedures for visiting patients are breast enlargement, nose job, liposuction, tummy tuck and eyelid surgery.

As always, do not let the attractive prices be the most important fact when choosing a clinic for your cosmetic surgery in The Czech Republic.

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Clinics and surgeons in The Czech Republic

What many don’t know it that The Czech Republic is considered the cradle of modern cosmetic surgery in Europe. The plastic surgery speciality was founded by the Czech professor Burian in 1912 and three years later the world’s first specialist division for plastic surgery was opened in the Czech capital Prague.

Still today, Prague is the centre of Czech plastic surgery with a vast amount of clinics but also smaller cities such as Brna house several qualified clinics.

At most of the Czech clinics the surgeons and personnel speak English. Because of The Czech Republic’s popularity among German patients there are also many Czech clinics that speak German.

Educational demands for plastic surgeons in The Czech Republic

With well established and strictly controlled educational and health system those turning to a Czech specialist in aesthetical plastic surgery can expect competence of high international standards.

The education for a Czech plastic surgery specialist is six years of medical training, specialist education within general surgery + 2 years of interning, selection for plastic surgery specialisation, four years of training/education within plastic surgery at a state certified educational clinic and finally a comprehensive examination.

The society for plastic surgery specialists in The Czech Republic

The good control of Czech plastic surgeons should not eliminate the patients’ own research prior to choosing a clinic for plastic surgery in The Czech Republic. This is however fairly simple since all Czech plastic surgeon specialised in aesthetical surgery are members of The Czech Society of Aesthetic Surgery ».

Choosing a surgeon who is a member of the above organisation is a good way of assuring that you will end up with a Czech plastic surgeon that has the knowledge and experience necessary to perform plastic surgery in a satisfactory manner.

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