The cost of injection treatments with dermal fillers

There is a vast amount of different dermal fillers. The most well known are Restylane, Juvederm, Evolence and Esthelis. The price of an injection treatment with a dermal filler is influenced by the following factors:

Cost should not be the main factor when choosing where to undergo non-invasive injectable treatments.

  • The area which is to be treated
  • What filler product is used
  • The amount of filler that is injected

The different injection treatments are often priced based on how many dosages (injections) of the filler that are needed to achieve the desired results. Normally 1-3 injections are used per area of treatment.

The cost of the different injectable products is based on how long the treatment lasts. The products that have the greatest duration are also the most expensive. The advantage of these is that one does not need to have treatment as often when using long-term affect filler which also results in a lower final cost for those individuals who wish to maintain their fullness over time.

Because of the differences between the treatments we cannot provide exact costs for the different treatments. But we do provide an indication of the cost for different treatments below, using lip enlargement as a reference:

  • Collagen injection cost: £122-£330/injection (1-2/treatment)
  • Hyaluronic acid injection cost: £160-£330/injection (1-2/treatment)
  • Hydroxylapatit (Radiesse) cost: £330-£490/injection (1-2/treatment)

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The cost of special treatments with fillers

Lately dermal fillers that can be can be used to enlarge body parts has been developed. These are used for, penis enlargement, breast enlargement, calf enlargement as to enlarge the bottom as well as other areas. For such a treatment greater amounts of dermal fillers is necessary and the treatment takes longer to perform.

The greater amount of filler and the increased procedure time brings specialist treatments to a cost of £1220 – £2850.

Financing an injection treatment with fillers

If you cannot or do not wish to pay for your injection treatment in cash there are other alternatives for financing. Many companies are even specialised in loaning money for different cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery.

Before deciding to loan money for your treatment make sure, as always, that you understand the terms and conditions of the loan.

You can read more about the possibilities of financing your cosmetic treatment on the information page about loans and financing for plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments ».

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