Popular destinations for cosmetic surgery abroad

For those considering undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad, good communication and infrastructure, language skills, healthcare quality, low costs and geographical and cultural proximity are important reasons for choosing a country.

For those patients that want to combine plastic surgery abroad with a well needed vacation the local climate will also be an important factor.

There are several countries/regions that fulfil the above factors and have therefore become popular destinations for cosmetic surgery abroad.

All about cosmetic plastic surgery abroad

Some popular destinations for cosmetic surgery abroad are:

  • Poland – still a very popular alternative
  • Thailand – quality healthcare and a pleasant climate
  • The Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania) – attractive prices
  • The Czech Republic – high quality at a low cost

For each of the above destinations there are different conditions which are good to be aware of if one is considering undergoing plastic surgery abroad. We have therefore put together an information guide for each destination and we advise you to take your time and get to know these.

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