The ear correction surgery procedure

Like other plastic surgery procedures, ear pinning can be divided into a three step process in terms of what happens before, during and after surgery. This page describes the first two steps.

Preparations prior to ear correction surgery

Once you have decided to undergo an ear surgery the next step is to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon. You can read more about what to think of during your consultation on the page about choosing a plastic surgeon » .

At your introductory consultation your surgeon will assess your child’s general health and the ears shape and thereafter recommended the method that he/she sees as most suitable. You will also be informed about the difficulties in achieving exact symmetry between the operated ears.

You can read more on the page about general preperations for cosmetic surgery ».

Ear operation/pinning surgical procedure

The external ear is made of cartilage draped in a thin layer of skin (except for the ear lobe which only consists of skin, dermis and fat). There are several reasons why it can lead to deformities of the ears cartilage which in turn leads to a divergent appearance. These deformities or damages of the ear are corrected with otoplasty.

An ear surgery/pinning procedure takes 1-2 hours and is generally performed under local anaesthesia in combination with sedatives. In some cases (especially when operating on small children) the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Regardless of the method, an ear surgery is completely painless.

There are different methods for ear correction surgery but principally a small incision is placed on the back of the external ear exposing the ear cartilage. Thereafter the cartilage is sculpted to the desired shape and is thereafter bent towards the head. Sometimes a couple of sutures are placed in order to secure the ears new shape.

The only trace left from an ear pinning is a small scar on the back of the external ear which fades away with time.

After surgery the patient is supplied with a turban looking dressing in order to prevent after bleeding and other complications that can result in additional alterations to the cartilage.

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