Cosmedia´s expert panel´s primary focus is to provide factual information within the area of cosmetic medicine and the increased selection of different beauty treatments. Our expert panel consists of prominent Swedish doctors, surgeons and specialists that represent their knowledge in these areas and also have an important role in this work.

” would like to thank the time and commitment our expert panel invests into the business and by doing so they improve the general knowledge about cosmetic medicine and it’s possibilities and limitations.”

The expert panel’s assignment

Our expert panel is assigned to factually review the sections of the website that consists of medical information before being published. Therefore, by doing so we guarantee that our information about various surgical procedures and other treatments are correct and that described techniques and method of choice are based on accepted treatment principles.

The expert panel is also available for the editorial team as a specialist resource when developing parts of the content which is of medical nature. The panels members also share the specialist knowledge and experience by answering the general public’s questions in Ask the Expert ». With the aim of being objective the expert panel members have no formal responsibility for or influence over other parts of the editorial content other than the treatments the website informs about.

Despite the documented high level of competence expert panel members hold in their specialist fields, the material on only as general information and cannot and will replace a professional medical consultation, such as a doctor’s appointment. Site content shall not constitute a basis for diagnosis or treatment, but only seen as a complement to the current healthcare.

Become a member of the expert panel

Do you have any documenting knowledge and experience of the topics our website provides? Would you like to share your competence in one of the industry’s strongest media channels? Please send in an application showing your interest in participating in our expert panel.

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