Fat injections – injections with your own body fat

Fat injections are the most natural method to achieve local tissue fullness. The treatment involves taking fat cells from one place on the body and injecting it where one wants to fill out the tissue.

Injections of body fat can be seen as a natural alternative to injection treatments with artificial dermal fillers.

Based on their natural characteristics, fat injections are especially suited for patients that are against having foreign materials injected into the body.

Injections with own body fat are used for:

  • Improving contours around the temple and eyebrows
  • Minimising wrinkles and scars
  • Filling out lips and unevenness
  • Treating hollow cheeks or hollow-eyes
  • Reinforce the chin, cheek bones and jaw lines contours

Fat injections are quite uncomplicated

A fat injection treatment involves sucking out fat cells from the patient’s stomach, knees, or thighs whereby it is prepared are thereafter injected where tissue fullness is desired.

To harvest and inject own body fat is no complicated procedure but the harvesting itself implies an extra element and more inconvenience than other injection treatments.

Additional fat injections may be necessary

How many of the transplanted fat cells that survive and heal is hard to determine. In order to achieve a satisfactory result it normally takes 1-3 treatments.

Only a small amount of fat is injected per treatment. Injecting large amounts often results in the fat cells not surviving instead being absorb by the body.

Fat injections are not good for smokers

Smoking drastically worsens the possibility of the transplanted fat cells of surviving in their new environment. This is because of the worsened blood circulation. Smokers who do not think they can take a substantial break are often advised to choose a different method of treatment.

All about injection treatments

The fat injection procedure

A treatment with fat injections is preceded by a consultation with the attending doctor or surgeon. During the consultation he/she will examine your face and skin. You will discuss your expectations and will receive information about the surgery, risks and costs.

You can read more on the page about your pre-surgery consultation.

1. Anaesthesia

The treatment begins with you receiving anaesthesia. Fat injections are normally performed under local anaesthesia or light general anesthesia. Once anaesthetised and the area has been sterile washed the transplantation will begin.

2. Harvesting the fat cells

For a fat injection treatment the fat cells are harvested from another area of the patients’ body and prepared for injection. Normally these cells are taken from the patients’ stomach, bottom or thighs where they are sucked out with a large injection needle.

3. Injecting the fat cells into place

Once the fat cells have been sucked out they are cleaned and prepared in order to provide the best possible condition for them to survive in their new place. Thereafter they are injected with a syringe into the area that needs filling out.

Fat injection after cycle

Immediately after your fat injection you rest at the clinic for a few hours while the sedative leaves the body. Thereafter you can return home. It is good if you have a friend or relative with you.

The area that has been injected with fat cells may feel slightly tense for a few days after the procedure. This is because the surgeon often chooses to overfill it a little since part of the transplanted fat disappears.

The difference after a fat injection is often obvious. How much fat and fullness will remain in the area is very hard to predict but count on approx. 50% will have disappeared after 6 months. There is often a need to repeat the treatment one or two times before having achieved a “permanent” result.

Massage and sun exposure should be avoided for at least two weeks after a fat transplantation.

Due to the treatment some swelling and bruising will occur. This generally settles enough for you to return to work and normal activities after 3-4 days of sick leave.

The price of fat injections

The price of fat injections depends on the area of treatment and what volume one desires to achieve. The price is somewhere between £830 – £1200 per area.

Financing your fat injection

If you need help financing your surgery there are several alternatives for loaning money. The clinics often collaborate with companies that specialise in loans and financing of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments.

However, before loaning money you should make sure that you understand the different terms and conditions, interest rates and fees of the loan.

You can find more information about loans and financing your procedure on the information page about loans and financing plastic surgery (coming soon).

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