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Default Inverted nipples (how embarrasing?...)

Hey everyone

I am 23 years old and I have two inverted nippes, I hate it so much and not even my close friends knows about this. Getting naked in front of anyone is just way too embarrasing.

I'm actually thinking of a surgery, I had my consultation last week and although comments that surgery is not garaunteed, I have decided to go ahead. My surgeon was very informative and has only one case where the nipples became inverted again. The reason was because the milk ducts were not cut but I am having them cut as I am not concerned with breast feeding.

I'm a confident person but this whole thing is like a massive weight on my shoulders and is constantly on my mind. I would really love to say to myself that I love my nipples but I can't.

I know many of you with inverted nipples are embarrased to see a doctor but don't be! You should know that the doctors have seen much worser things and for your information inverted nipples are so common!

So I will let you know how the surgery goes, keep fingers crossed and hopefully my nipples will look good!
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