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Question Lower eye blepharoplasty - yes or no?

Hi everyone

I am in my early 20ies but I have very large bags under my eyes so I'm considering getting lower eye blepharoplasty. Because of these saggy bags at such a young age I look much older than I am and people always ask me why I'm tired.

One week ago I saw this surgeon who told me that he could take the fat under my eye and stuff it back under my eyeball, without doing any stiches or anything. He also said that the recovery time is easy and that I will be fine within a month.

I'm still not sure if I should do this or not, I hate these saggy bags but whenever I research lower blepharoplasty I get frightened. There are only nightmare stories!

So, I need your help, does anyone have any positive experience and do you think its worth it?

Thank you so much
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