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Default How do I make short curly hair grow straight and long?

I have short and curly hair. And ive been cutting my hair short ever since I was 7. And now Ive decided to grow my hair out. And it seems like it takes forever for it to grow out. And when it does grow out it still seems like my hair is to short. So my question is

1.What can I do to make my hair long?
2.How do i know what length I should straighten my hair?
3.How long will it take to grow my hair out?

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It isn't that easy, If your hair are curly then it is very difficult to grow straight hair. You can go for straightening but they can also led to hair loss. I think you should do genetic tests also so that you will be aware that will you face hairloss problem or not. There is some best genetic testing kits available that you can use.
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