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Question True or not? The more stressed, the more gray hair?

Stress is a polite detriment in many ways, whether it is the cause of poor skin, depressed mind, headache, recurrent stomach. Or even as a trigger for worsening of heart disease symptoms But which was said later that I had a lot of gray hair like this It is a person with stress. Is this true or not?

Tense until frustrated?

Have you ever heard of Marie Antoinette, the former Queen of France? Her hair turned white all over her head overnight. Before she was executed by the guillotine. Or in the famous inner power novels such as the Jade Dragon, while Ye Guo Waiting to meet Xiao Long for 16 years one night when the two had not met in hope. Well, my hair is gray.

Actually, the belief that a lot of stress causes gray hair. There is not yet any research on medical research. Officially confirmed

What is the cause of gray hair?

Our first gray hair usually comes in our 30s for men and at 35 for women. While some people may start to have gray hair. White hair since high school Or some people may have just begun to have white hair at the age of 50.

Graying process of the hair Starting with the teardrop-shaped hair follicles on the scalp called follicles, there are usually approximately 100,000 follicles on the human head. Multiple hairs in one age

Within these follicles are cells. Working together To help build hair But there are two types of important cells, which are hair cells. (Keratinocyte) with cells that make pigment or melanin (Melanocytes).

Human hair color will have a total of 2 shades, the main color will be divided into dark brown to black. And red yellow The mixing ratio of those pigments is different, giving each person a different hair color.

However, some studies say The process of changing the color of the hair from black to white is Caused by the pigment destruction of hormones that cause stress. And this hormone also interferes with the transport of pigment cells or melanin directly to the hair. But such research Not officially endorsed

According to the Bangkok Research Center, the graying process of the hair Likely according to heredity And the lifestyle of each person, these two factors can prolong the graying. Or increase the speed of graying for 5-10 years ever

Whether gray hair is due to stress or not. May not be as important Stress is harmful to the body in many ways, including the mental state. So we do not stress each other better.

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