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Default What is Path of Exile: Harvest and what can you do in new league

In general, Harvest is a farm where you can go to slaughter enemies that spawn from seeds that your planted. The enemies drop loot and higher tier seeds, you can plant these seeds and wait them to grow up, then you need to kill them all again in hopes of better loot drop and even higher tier seeds. There are three tiers of seeds all over and three kinds of seeds you can harvest.
What we all know is that whenever a new challenge league is launched in the POE, you need to re-create a role to participate in the challenge. This role will not inherit any materials you collect in the standard mode, including POE Items and POE Items. In this case, you need to kill the enemy again and collect any useful items. Fortunately, if you want to skip this time, there is now a very good opportunity. With the release of POE: Harvest, the well-known third-party game service provider MMOAH also provides a full range of services for players participating in the new challenge league, including cheap POE Currency, POE Items and POE Trade Currency. These important resources will help you through the most difficult times quickly.

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