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Default Why DHI hair transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation technique is not famous as FUE technique in the world but has more advantages obviously. Because there are no incisions is made, there is no scar in the operating area. Also, patients can recover in a week.

Besides, the DHI technique has fewer steps than the FUE technique. However, the operation lasts almost 2 times longer because the hair follicles are collected and placed one by one. Each hair follicle is collected, classified by its color, direction, and thickness and put to the most suitable area. Follicles are not divided into groups before the planting session. Also, with the DHI technique, it is possible to transplant much more dense hair. This advantage also enlarges the process time.

Another advantage of the DHI hair transplantation is that this technique is the best solution for who doesn't want to shave his/her head. Unshaven hair transplantation can also be performed with the FUE technique, but it makes the operation really difficult for the doctor. All unshaven practices are a bit harder than the shaved versions, but the DHI technique can tolerate this difficulty. Especially women who don't want to wait for their hairs' growth, prefer the DHI hair transplant because of both unshaven option and fast healing process.

Even though the DHI is a very beneficial technique, it wasnít common in one of the capitals of hair transplantation and various cosmetic operations, Turkey. While there was no demand from patients, also there wasnít experienced specialists until quite recently. However nowadays DHI technique is one of the most popular hair transplantation techniques because of its adventages. If you want your hair transplanted by DHI technique, you must make a deep search about the doctor and the clinic. Even if there is no scar like in FUE technique, by any means itís an operation.

One of the clinics which are experts in DHI hair transplant field in Turkey is Istanbul Medical Clinic. They are located in Istanbul, Turkey right now but they want to be one of the first 3 names in hair transplantation field in the world. Thatís why, itís not wrong to say that they offer an A+ health care service. If you have questions about DHI hair transplant, you can always ask them.

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