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Question Size after lipo

Hi everyone, I am curious on the results for everyone. How many ccs did you have removed and what was your pre-op and post-op sizes?

I had 4500 ccs removed and I am almost 2 months post-op. However, I was size 10 pre-op, would say am a size 6 now. Don't really see much of a difference to be honest, but I am still swollen in abs and thighs. Thanks for anyone wanting to share.

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I had 5000 cc removed, was size 14 pre-op, now, 1 month later, am a size 10/12, I have also lost 16 lbs...
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Its been a year since I had my lipo, my PS says he removed 15 pounds of fat but I never loss 15 pounds. One year later and I weight exactly the same. I also exercise and eat well, I feel my whole shape as changed as well and it really caused me depression.
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