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Leylaaa 10-14-2011 19:07

Nipple reduction, yes or no?

I had my breast done about 9 months ago and whilst they are a massive improvement I am still unhappy with how my nipples look... I've spoken to a few surgeons about nipple reduction surgery and they have warned me about loss of nipple sensation and erectibility. Has anyone had this surgery and whether or not it afffected them in this way???

Thanks in advance

Miranda113 10-14-2011 19:10

I know how you feel, I did my nipple reduction 4 months after my breast augmentation and I'm so glad I did it! I still have some sensation, but not total and to be honest I don't really care, because they look so much better now :)

Appel 01-29-2012 20:51

I was unhappy with my nipple reduction. They stretched right back out and I have an ugly scar all the way around them. I have loss of sensitivity and they no long get hard when I am cold. I am sad that I did it. The look the exact same, but they do not work anymore. Make sure you ask a lot of questions!

Unregistered 01-29-2012 21:27

After some googling, it seems that it is a possible side effect. Not sure if it is worth it or not...

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