The gum contouring procedure

Gum contouring procedure is relatively simpleGum contouring procedure is relatively simple and a local anaesthetic is used during treatment. Healing rarely takes more than a week and sick leave is not necessary

After the treatment, patients usually get a special mouthwash to use for a few weeks to reduce the risk of infection.

Removal of gum tissue

Excess gum tissue makes the teeth appear small with a lot of gum showing when smiling. When an excess amount of gum tissue is visible when smiling, it is called gummy smile.

Removal of gum tissueA “gummy smile” is normally treated with laser, which gently cuts away excess gum tissue. The procedure is similar to a regular dental visit.

In some cases, the problem is that the upper lip is too short when you smile, which in such cases is addressed by lowering the top position of the lip with the help of a few stitches.

Restoration of receded gums

If the gums are receding, it can mak your teeth to look longer than normal. At the same time, the sensitive tooth necks is exposed, which can result in discomfort as well as medical problems.

The condition can be treated in two different ways:

The condition can be treated in two different ways:The most common method is to transplate gum tissue from the palate to the exposed neck of the tooth, where it heals in and replaces the missing gum.

The other technique is to lengthen the gums. This technique does not involve a tissue transplant. Instead, the existing gums are loosened and stretched out, so it eventually covers the desired parts.

Both treatments are performed under local anesthesia , some swelling and pain may occur, which kan be treated with painkillers. Some may also experience tooth sensitivity and hypersensitivity to hot or cold drinks for a few days.

The gum contouring procedures do not require sick leave.

Levelling uneven gum lines

If you have an uneven gum lines, where the gums around certain teet hare too long or in other cases too short, it can be addressed with a combination of the above methods.

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