Introduction to hair loss

When talking about hair loss it is usually referred to as loss of hair from the head. The most common cause of hair loss is androgenic alopecia, colloquially known as ”premature hair loss”.

Introduction to hair lossHereditary hair loss affects mainly men, but can also occur in women. Apart from hereditary factors, hair loss in men and women can be caused by stress, medication, malnutrition, diseases and more. You can read more on the page about hair loss causes.

We can conclude that many people are bothered about losing their hair, while others choose to downplay hair loss. Not least from those who aren’t affected themselves.

Those who suffer the most from losing hair are men who lose so much hair that it leads to thinning hair, in young adulthood. In the current group, about 50% of those who experience hair loss experience it as a sensitive matter and would like to seek help for it.

For many people, mental-well being simply means being satisfied with your apperance and therefore it is not suprising that more and more people choose to seek medical help for their hair loss

How can hair loss affect you?

Although it is often denied, hair loss is more than just a question of the individual’s own experience. It is enough to just have a look at any advertising channel or browsing a magazine to conclude that society in general prefer a head covered by hair, rather than thinning hair or baldness.

A german study shows hair loss and its impact on job acceptance. Staff managers who had to examine computer generated images of people with and without hair, preffered those with hair rather than those without for job interviews.

How much are you bothered by your hair loss?

To estimate the negative effects that, in some cases can result in thinning hair, New Hair Clinic has developed a tool called the BCS (Balding Concequence Scale), A higher score indicates according to BCS a greater negative impact and thus stronger reasons to take action.

The good news for those who suffer from hair loss is that the medical and surgical treatment of hair loss in men and women has changed significantly in the past decades. Now it is possible to effectively stop hair loss and restore previously lost hair – or create conditions to be able to provide the illusion of how it previously was. There are also a number of techniques and products that has been developed, which can effectively hide hair loss in men and women.

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