Introduction to hair transplantation

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and can be performed on both women and men. It is also the only permanent treatment option for hair loss.

Introduction to hair transplant surgeryThe early techniques of hair transplantation have evolved to the modern methods that are effective and give the appearance good, safe and permanent results.

How hair transplantation is done

Hair transplantation is a minor surgical procedure and based on the principle that hair from back of the neck and temples is taken and moved to areas that are bare or thinning.

The hair follicles that are moved from the neck and sides are genetically programmed to produce hair for the entire lifetime.

Provided that the procedure is performed on the ideal candidate with the right technology, it can be expected that the transplanted follicles grow firm and starts to produce natural hair for an entire lifetime.

Are you a suitable candidate for a hair transplantation surgery?

Most men who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, also known as male-pattern baldness or start to lose hair above the temples can expect good results of a hair transplant.

Also women that suffer from symptoms similar to male hair loss can be treated. Some people can however expect better results than others.

The factor that primarily affect the result of a hair transplant is based on how much hair can be transplanted in proportion to the amount of hair needed to achieve desired results.

How much hair can be transplanted depends on how much DHT- resistant hair (side and neck hair) the patient has and how thick the hair is. How much hair is needed depends on the size of area to be covered as well as the desire for thickness of the hair the patient has.

It is important to inform yourself well

As you can understand, it is your requirements and circumstances that affect the results expected from a hair transplant.

Since hair transplants are performed privately, the decision is entirely yours. It is therefore very important that you inform yourself well before you decide whether and, if so where you choose to have your surgery.

By taking your time to read through this series of articles you will receive a better understanding about hair transplant, for treatment of hair loss and what it means for you. Enjoy your reading time!

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