Home teeth whitening – an easy and cheap treatment but…

There is a wide range of different products for home teeth whitening. The products are sold on the internet or over the counter, the efficiency is somewhere between acceptable and non-existent.

Whiten your teeth at home

Bleaching lacquer is an easy option to use, but unfortunately not very effective.

The difference between home teeth whitening products are the strength of the bleaching agent and how it is applied to the teeth.

The easier it sounds, the less effective

When teeth are exposed to the bleaching peroxide, it is mixed into different ”carriers” such as mouthwash, toothpaste, strips, teeth whitening pen, polishing or a gel that is placed in a tray.

The various home teeth whitening products contains a relatively low concentration of peroxide in order to reduce the risk of damage. This means that you need to use the products for a longer period of time, and you can not expect the same powerful and lasting results as a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Home teeth whitening products are limited as they contain lower strenght bleaching agent, and the results may not be noticeable by exposing your teeth for a short of time, which is however possible to do with for example a tootpaste or mouthwash.

Bleaching trays works best

Whitening trays work the best

Bleaching trays – the most effective treatment.

The home bleaching products that provide the best results are whitening rails and trays that are filled with whitening gel with wear times from 60-90 minutes a day for at least two weeks. The cost for whitening trays starts from £30.

Those who have undergone the treatment may have experienced difficulties to form the trays and to know how much gel to apply. If too much gel is applied, it will form smudges along the gums which is not entirely pleasant. The home whitening kit often contains another gel that can be used when the gums become irritated, which often happens.

The bleaching tray process can be time consuming as it should be left on the teeth for at least 30 minutes. Since a lot of saliva is produced you can’t be expected to carry both whitening trays at the same time, which makes the treatment twice as long.

The right patient can expect a bleach effect to last for 6-12 moths.

Whitening strips and teeth whitening polish are simple but not as effective.

One of the easiest ways to expose the teeth for bleaching agents is to stick on strips on the upper and lower front teeth. The treatment is repeated for 30 minutes, twice a day for a week. The price is approximately £30, the final results are limited and remains for maximum a year.

Another simple method for teeth whitening is using a pen or small brush that disppenses a bleaching agent which is applied directly onto the tooth. The effect is very limited.

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