Your guide to laser hair therapy

Hair loss can be slowed down and be partially reversed by frequently exposing the scalp to the laser beam, by emitting a specific wavelength of light. Laser treatment with the so-called hair laser is made to specific salons.

Laser treatment for hair loss tLaser treatment for hair loss takes approximately 20 minutes and should be performed about once a week throughout the first year of treatment. Thereafter, maintenance treatments are needed at least once a month.

There are also different types of “home products” that look like combs and hairbrushes for home-use treatment of hair loss with laser hair therapy.

Effects are difficult to prove, but 8 out of 10 are not unhappy with their laser hair therapy

How effective laser therapy for hair growth is has been heavily debated, there is also a difference of opinion among physicians specializing in hair loss. Laser hair therapy can by choosing the right criteria be used as a treatment to prevent early stages of hair loss. The procedure is risk-free and also approved by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical treatment.

The effect of laser therapy for hair loss is difficult to prove scientifically, the same way as when proving the effects of a drug. Neither is the exact mechanism for how these specific wavelengths can stimulate the hair follicles known.

Laser treatment for hair loss is often combined with medication, which of course also hampers the assessment of how much the laser treatment contributed to the overall result. However, with such conditions, experiences has shown that 8 out of 10 correctly chosen patients will not be dissatisfied with their laser therapy at the one-year summary.

Cost of laser therapy for hair loss

Cost of laser therapy for hair lossThe cost of laser treatment for hair loss is between £2000-£3500, for the first year (depending on the local competition). That includes 40-50, 20-minute treatments. Thereafter maintenance treatments 10-15 times a year are necessary which today cost approximately £250- £400 per year.

Financing your laser hair treatment

There are several companies that have specialised in different types of financing for cosmetic treatments that can offer you loans for your laser therapy for hair loss. However, before taking a loan, make sure you are aware of the terms and conditions for loans from the financing company and what the interest rate is.

You can read more about loans for cosmetic treatments at the information page about financing beauty treatments ».

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