Laser liposuction (Smartlipo/laser lipolysis)

Laser liposuction or laser lipolysis as the technique SmartLipo is also called was developed with the means to maximise the effect and minimise the side effects of traditional liposuction. Simultaneously one wanted to solve the problem of skin slackness. To a great extent this has been achieved.

This is how laser liposuction works (Smart Lipo)

With laser liposuction (SmartLipo) a very thin probe (2mm) is inserted into the layer of fat and emits a precision steered laser light. The thin probe generates thermal energy which slowly warms up and by doing so affects the tissue in different ways.

Fat reduction with laser liposuction

When laser light hits the fat cells heat is generated “melting” them into an oily substance. Thereafter they can with little effort, using thinner tools and lower pressure than with traditional liposuction, be sucked out.

One can also choose to leave the melted fat and let it be transported away and disappear with the body’s normal fat burning process. However, when larger amounts of fat are removed this is not suitable since remnants in this case can cause swelling and affect the final result.

Many surgeons imply that SmartLipo also has a long-term effect because the laser light damages the fat cells and the greatest effect becomes apparent several months after treatment once these damaged cells are broken down and disappear. The main disadvantage with this method is the difficulty treating fat deposits larger than 400-600 ml at a time.

Another positive effect of laser liposuction is that laser light coagulates (closes) the blood vessels that are damaged. This minimises swelling and bruising which is often caused by bleeding under the skin.

To conclude, undergoing SmartLipo can remove smaller fat deposits in a more gentle way than liposuction with traditional methods. This implies an easier treatment procedure without the need of narcosis etc. as well as a milder after cycle, with less pain, bruising and minimal need for sick leave from work etc.

Skin tightening with laser liposuction

Some of the thermal energy which is generated by laser lipolysis in the fat layer is absorbed by the dermis and causes controlled tissue damage. The body heals this injury by producing new collagen threads, in turn resulting in a skin tightening effect.

By provoking the dermis to produce new collagen one can in connection with laser lipolysis also treat the skin so that it contracts which is not possible with traditional liposuction.

The skin tightening effect also allows areas of slack skin on patients that are suffering from this to be treated. This allows for more people to undergo liposuction as well as several areas being treated and to a greater degree which can optimise the results.

Also cellulite areas can be treated with good results by laser liposuction due to the skin tightening effect, an area which cannot be treated with traditional liposuction.

Due to the high precision and the skin tightening effect many plastic surgeons perform laser liposuction in combination with traditional liposuction in order to achieve optimal results.

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Advantages and disadvantages of laser liposuction (SmartLipo)

A laser liposuction (Smart Lipo) has several advantages in comparison with traditional liposuction. You will find a summary of these below.

Advantages of laser lipolysis

  • Easier treatment
  • Milder after cycle
  • Minimal sick leave (max 2 days)
  • Minimal incision (1-2 mm – no sutures)
  • Skin tightening effect
  • Risk of unevenness reduced
  • Possible to treat previously ”unsuitable” patients
  • Possible to treat previously difficult areas (face, underarms, upper stomach, knees)
  • Generally fewer risks

Disadvantages of laser lipolysis

  • More expensive than traditional liposuction
  • Limitations to the amount of fat that can be removed per treatment
  • Precision of the thermal exposure to the tissue is not exact
  • Risk of burn injury when treating larger areas
  • The treatment takes a relatively long time

Clinics that perform laser liposuction

As laser liposuction is a simpler and less risky surgery it can be performed at both fully equipped plastic surgery clinics and simpler private day clinics. The greater the availability of the technique the more important it is for those looking to undergo laser lipolysis to be well informed about the clinic and the attending surgeons education and reputation.

Treatment & after cycle, photos, risks and cost of SmartLipo

You will find further information about the laser liposuction procedure, the after cycle following laser liposuction, the associated risks, before and after photos of laser lipolysis as well as how much laser liposuction costs in each respective page about liposuction in the menu to the right.

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