Suitable candidates and areas for liposuction

Liposuction is an effective method to get rid of local fat deposits which do not respond to diet or exercise. It is however not a good method to achieve general weight loss and cannot replace the possible need of a healthy diet and traditional dieting.

Tight skin provides a better result

A liposuction removes the fat deposits between the skin and the underlying tissue. When such a fat deposit is removed the fullness under the skin is reduced which also reduces the tautness of the skin. Therefore tight skin with high elasticity provides a better result after liposuction.

Skin with decreased elasticity due to weight loss, cellulite, or natural ageing does not possess the same ability to adapt to the new body shape. Additional surgery or complementary treatments can be needed in order to tighten or remove excess skin.

The surgical challenge resulting from poor skin tightening has made several companies develop new specific techniques for lipo which aims at simultaneously providing a skin tightening effect. We will return to this in “liposuction techniques”.

All about liposuction (lipoplasty/lipo)

Certain fat deposits cannot be treated

Men are often more difficult to treat than women because men have a harder layer of fat as well as much of men’s fat is often inside the stomach which shows as a ”beer belly”. These fat deposits cannot be removed surgically.

The most suitable candidates

Based on the above information the most suitable candidates for lipoplasty are persons of normal weight, with elastic skin that have local fat deposits between the skin and the musculature.

It is important that those considering a liposuction have a realistic picture of what can be achieved and are of good physical and mental health. The patient’s age is of less importance and liposuctions are performed on both men and women.

Which areas are suitable for liposuction?

The body’s tissue, including fatty tissue, differs depending on where it is situated on the body. This makes certain areas better suited for liposuction than others. Often fat and the surrounding tissues character determine if and how much fat can be removed from the various areas of treatment without the amount of unevenness or slack skin becoming unacceptable.

The images shows the areas that can be treated with liposuction.

Generally the stomach (particularly below the navel), hips (love handles), outer thigh, inside knee, back, neck and chin belong to the areas which have the prerequisites to provide especially good results with liposuction.

The inside thigh and upper arms can be liposuctioned but with restraint on the amount of fat that should be removed since there is a risk of slack skin is heightened in these areas.

Also the calves, bottom and ankles/ankle joint can be treated with liposuction but the results do not tend to be as satisfying as with liposuction of other areas of the body.

Liposuction is also performed to decrease breast size in men (sometimes in combination with surgery for removing mammary gland tissue) and to remove fatty tumours, so called lipoma.

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