The breast lift procedure

A breast lift can, like other plastic surgeries, be divided into a three phase process in terms of what happens before, during and after your breast uplift.

On this page you will learn more about the first two stages of this process.

All about breast lift surgery (breast uplift)

Planning prior to a breast uplift

Once you have decided to go through with your thoughts about a breast lift the first step is to book a time with a plastic surgeon. You can read more about what to consider on the page about choosing your plastic surgeon ».

At the introductory consultation with your plastic surgeon it is very important that you have an honest discussion. Each surgeon and patient have different views regarding what is a suitable size and shape of breasts.

The plastic surgeon will examine and measure your breast. He/she will also take photos to use as references before, during and after your breast lift.

You will discuss the factors that affect the surgery such as age, point of departure (the breasts shape and size) and the skins condition. You should also discuss the changes to the areola and nipple which are generally moved higher up the breast when undergoing a breast lift.

It is not unusual for a breast uplift to be combined with a breast augmentation. In these cases prosthesis (breast implants) are inserted in conjunction with the lift. these can be either round or drop shaped (anatomical) depending on how much breast tissue there is. The prosthetics are placed either above or partially under the breast muscle. If the tissue is thin at the top part of the breast then it is recommended that they are placed under the muscle.

You can learn more about that part of the surgery on the information page about breast augmentation ».

Your surgeon will describe the procedure in detail, explain the risks and limitations of the procedure and make sure you understand where the scars will be situated and what they will look like.

Preparations prior to a breast lift (mastopexy)

You will receive thorough instructions about how you are to prepare for your breast lift (mastopexy). These include information about how you should eat and drink, smoking rules, taking vitamins, medication and other substances. Tobacco, alcohol and natural remedies should be avoided for at least two weeks before a breast lift.

In some cases you will need to undergo a mammography examination in order to guarantee there are no medical hindrances that can affect the breast lift procedure. (Generally, if there is no hereditariness of breast cancer a mammography examination will only be performed on patients who are over 40 years or more. With known hereditariness the age is lower.)

One of the preparations you will be instructed about is to undergo preoperative washes. These are performed in order to minimise the risk of infection and involve you, two days before your breast lift, taking double showers twice a day using a special soap available at chemists.

Also, as part of your preparations, you will need to make sure someone picks you up after your plastic surgery and assists you for a few days afterwards.

You can read more on the page about surgery preperations ».

Surgical procedure for breast lift

The breasts skin costume resembles a bag whose content is mainly fat and mammary gland tissue. Once the bag slackens and the content shrinks or sinks to the bottom the appearance changes.

The bags (breasts) appearance can be improved if it is stretched/minimised (skin removal), filled out (breast implants) and by moving the content upwards. During a breast uplift depending on which method is being used one or several of these measures can be taken, often in combination with an alteration of the areolas size and placement.

When first arriving to the clinic on the day of surgery you are checked in and given a patient room. Thereafter you change to surgical clothing and meet the surgeon who will answer questions, take photos and draw up the area of surgery with a marker. You will be provided with some preparatory medication, rest for awhile and then be taken by a nurse to the operating theatre.

Once in the operating theatre the surgical area will be sterile washed and monitoring equipment is connected. You will then receive your anaesthesia and the surgery can begin. Breast lifts are performed under narcosis or alternatively local anaesthesia combined with sedative medication and depending on the extent of the procedure take between 1-3 hours to perform.

The surgery begins with the surgeon placing the incisions associated with the method ». Through the incisions the surgeon prepares access to the underlying breast tissue which is altered and move upwards. When necessary the nipple is moved upwards, the areola is minimised and excess skin is removed.

Once the alterations are done the incisions are closed, in some cases temporary drainage tube are inserted under the skin, bandages are placed over the breasts and the surgery is finalised. Thereafter the patient is moved to their room for monitored recovery.

Generally the patient leaves the clinic after a few hours of rest, but when necessary the patient can stay overnight.

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