Crochet hook stab avulsion phlebectomy treatment for varicose veins

The phlebectomy procedure for varicose veins also known as local excision or crochet hook stab avulsion is a proven method for removal of medium sized tortuous branch of blood vessels within classification C2-C6 according to the CEAP-scale.

The phlebectomy treatment for varicose veinsThe phlebectomy treatment is primarily used to remove superficial medium tortuous blood vessels. The method is used for removal of varicose veins located near the skin surface, however the treatment is often combined with laser and radio frequency surgery to remove the trunk vein’s connecting blood vessel.

However, the phlebectomy hook is similar to a tiny crochet hook and is used to pull out veins through pinhole incisions. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Immediately after the stab avulsion procedure, surgical tapes are put over the small incisions.

Prices and risks for phlebectomy of varicose veins

Prices and risks for phlebectomy of varicose veinsThe phlebectomy procedure of varicose veins can in some cases provide sensory change, such changes occur when getting hold of the nevers. This is usually temporary. In terms of scarring, possible scars will be minimal. Normally the phlebectomy recovery time is one day, you can return back to work the day after the treatment.

The price for a phlebectomy treatment depends on how much is performed and if it is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Approximately the cost is £500 for minor phlebectomy procedures, £2,150 if treating one leg and £2,950 for treating both legs.

The phlebectomy procedure is often combined with laser radiofrequency surgery and often included in the price.

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