Breast reduction surgery cost

The price of a breast reduction in the UK is somewhere between £4,550 to £5,500. The cost depends on how much tissue is to be removed and which method necessary.

As a breast reduction patient it is important, just as with any other surgery, to evaluate the link between cost and performance. Vast competence, state-of-the-art technology and good levels of service will always cost more than the opposite.

With this having been said, you should not let price be an all too weighty factor when choosing a plastic surgeon and clinic to perform your breast reduction.

Financing/loans for breast reduction

There are several companies specialising in financing and loans for plastic surgery. For many patients these loans can imply the possibility of realising a dream. Before loaning the money for your breast reduction make sure that you are first fully aware of all terms and conditions of the loan.

You can read more about loans/financing of your breast reduction at the information page about financing for plastic surgery ».

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