Professional teeth whitening options

The safest way to get whiter teeth is to have exepert examine, prepare and then administer the threatment. This can be done in two ways: the dental bleaching being performed at dentist office or at a clinic/saloon that specializes in teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening optionsHow to choose the best treatment option is not always obvious. Generally, a licensed dentist has greater skills than an average ”practictioner”.

When the teeth is intact and clean, you will get a better result after a teeth whitening. Therefore, a visit to a dentist or a dental hygienist for examination and professional cleaning before a teeth whitening is always a good investment.

Two options – chair whitening or professional home whitening

There are a variety of methods and techniques for professional teeth whitening. They can simply be divded into ”in-chair whitening” and ”professional home bleaching”.

In chair whitening is performed at a clinic, where the practictioner handles the procedure, similar to a dentist visit. At home teeth whitening is performed at home day or night time, for 1-2 weeks with whitening trays and gel that you get from the dentist.

Approximately 100,000 people per year ungergo a professional teeth whitening in the UK. The big difference between home tooth whitening with bleaching trays administered by dentists in the dental office and the so called in chair whitening is that the latter one is easier, faster and slightly more expensive. The final results are equivalent.

The increased control and safety makes it possible to use a stronger whitening gel consisting of the 15-38 percent hydrogen peroxide or 45 percent carbamide peroxide during a professional teeth whitening.

In chair whitening, a bleaching agent is used in combination with an activation lamp that emits light and/or heat. The aim is to get a quicker effect of the bleaching gel.

In chair whitening – methods and results

Lately, there have been a large number of different methods and techniques for in chair teeth whitening. They are basically the same, as after polishing the teeth, you sit on a chair for up to two hours with the teeth whitening gel applied directly to your teeth and a light directed towards your mouth.

In chair bleaching - methods and resultsWhen paying £250-600 for the treatment, you expect to have brighter and whiter teeth, right? The answer is yes and no…

The various methods of in chair bleaching differ in terms of what whitening gel is used and the type of light in order to speed up the process. It may involve laser light, UV light, coloured light, or plasma light.

The two most etablished methods for in char bleaching are known as Zoom, which uses UV light, and BrilliantSmile which uses plasma light. Other etablished methods are BriteSmile and Laser Smile.

All of the etablished methods give good results that last 2-4 year

The picture shows the result of a successful in-chair teeth whitening.

All of the etablished methods give good results that last 2-4 years, but are slightly different in terms of treatment course and possible side effects.

Less known methods – more uncertain results

In addition to the most etablished methods for in chair whitening, there are a number of others who for various reasons have not taken hold in the market. These include treatments such as ultrasonic teeth whitening, deep bleaching, ozone teeth bleaching, chlorine dioxide tooth bleaching and by blasting.

”With many treatment options and as many promises about the ”best” results, as a patient it can be a reason to choose one of the more established methods on the market”.

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