Breast lift risks and complications

A breast lift is seen as relatively risk free as long as it is performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. But as with all surgery there are risks of breast uplift complications.

Other than the normal plastic surgery risks which are described on the page about general risks with cosmetic surgery, there are specific risks associated with breast lift. These are described in closer detail below.

Ulcerations around the nipple

Some patients suffer from ulcerations around the nipple which are treated with traditional sore care. The risk of ulcerations are minimized if you carefully follow the instructions the plastic surgeon has provided you with.


The breast lift leaves visible permanent scars where the incisions where made. The extent of these vary from patient to patient. The scars will never fully disappear but will fade with time. All scars heal differently but remember that healing takes time – count on 12-18 months before seeing the final results.

To minimize the scarring you should tape them throughout the first six months or as long as the redness remains. The tape should be changed once it begins to loosen, approx. once a week. The tape helps to flatten and keep the scars together. The scars should not be exposed to sun or sun bedsrays for the first six months.

You can read more about scars and how to treat them after your breast uplift on the information page about surgery scars » (coming soon).

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The surgery can result in slight asymmetry between the breasts appearance and the areolas placement.

Sensitivity changes and tissue damage

Some patients experience partial or complete loss of sensitivity to the nipple or entire breasts. In exceptional cases the blood supply to the areola and the nipple is lost, which leads to the tissue dying (known as necrosis). The nipple and the areola can generally be rebuilt, but this requires a skin transplantation from one area to another.

Breast feeding after a breast lift

The possibilities of future breast feeding can in some cases disappear due to cutting through the milk canals – this is mainly associated with large breast lifts. Therefore if you are planning on future pregnancies you should discuss this with your surgeon.

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