Brow lift/forehead lift risks

Complications are relatively unusual after a brow lift (forehead lift) and in cases when they do occur they are relatively simple. But as with all surgery there is a certain risk of complications.

Other than the general risk of complications which are described on the page about general risks of your surgery there are also more specific risks associated with brow lift/upper facelift. These risks are described in greater detail below.

Sensitivity changes

Loss of sensitivity along the edge of or slightly behind the scar is a common complication especially when using the open brow lift method. The same condition with an endoscopic brow lift is generally temporary but with the traditional method it’s normally permanent.

Tightening of the forehead

Some patients experience difficulty closing their eyelids due to the tightening of the forehead. This normally subsides within a few days but can in some cases remain longer.

Hair loss

Some hair loss can occur around the scars. This is generally temporary but can in some cases, especially if the incision has been closed with great tension, remain permanent.

Nerve problems

There is some risk of affecting the nervus facialis (facial nerve) and thereby limiting the ability to frown. These symptoms are however very unusual and almost always temporary.

Severe scar formation

Another rare complication is that a wide scar develops which can need correcting through scar revision surgery. The surgery involves removing part of the scar and closing it again so that a nicer scar is created.

You can read more about how you should act in order to minimise the risk of scaring on … the information page about surgery scars ».

Infection and bleeding

Infection and bleeding is very uncommon but can occur. In such cases, infection appears as an increased swelling, aching or fever with appears during the first 3-6 days. Antibiotics are given when this occurs.

As with all types of plastic surgery you can minimise the risk complications following your brow lift by carefully following the instructions your plastic surgeon has given you before and after your procedure.

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