Chin augmentation risks

A chin augmentation is a simple procedure but as with all plastic surgeries there are certain risks and complications involved.

You can read about the general risk of cosmetic surgery on the information page about general risks with cosmetic surgery. The specific risks that are associated with chin enlargement surgery can be read about below.

The implant can shift

It may happen that your chin implant does not lie completely still in its tissue pocket. Some movement is often acceptable but if the implant moves too much or ends up in an incorrect position it may need to be corrected with an additional surgery.


An infection can occur around the chin implant and in the cases where it is not cured with antibiotic the implant may need to be removed until the infection has healed and then replaced.

Infections are more common when the incision has been placed inside the mouth and the risk can to some extent be minimized through an antibiotic treatment.

Sensitivity changes

Some patients experience sensitivity changes to the bottom lip and teeth. This condition will often go back to normal within three months. There is however a risk that it will remain permanent.


There is risk of uneven tissue build around the chin implant which can result in an asymmetrical look. If this is too bothering it can be corrected with an additional surgery.

Capsular contracture

Another, but very unusual complication is a so called capsular contracture. This involves the connective tissue capsule that is formed around the chin implant as part of the bodies healing process becomes thick and contracts. The chin implant can end up being squeezed, leaving an unnatural shape and a painful condition.

Capsular contracture is treated in many ways. Sometimes the connective tissue is removed but in other cases the implant needs to be removed.


Disfiguring scars are a very uncommon consequent associated with chin augmentation/enlargement surgery. If the implant is inserted through an incision in the mouth there is no such risk. With an incision under the chin the scar generally heals discreetly.

You can read more about scarring and how you should go about in order to minimize the emergence of scars on the information page about surgical scars » (coming soon).

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