Risks associated with ear correction (ear operation)

Even if there are relatively few risks associated with ear correction surgery (ear pinning) there are, just like other plastic surgeries, some risks and side effects that are important to take into account. These risks can be divided into specific risks for ear surgeries which you can read more about here.

The general risks associated with all types of surgery can be read about on the page about general risks of plastic surgery ».


In some cases blood effusion or an infection can occur on the area of surgery. If the pain during the first days or after a few days increases and if a fever develops,  the bandage will need to be removed so that the surgeon can assess what is behind the pain and take action if necessary.


The scars are normally very discreet but in some cases over-active scar production can occur. In these cases treatment is needed.

Deformity after ear correction surgery

Deformities in term of cauliflower ear can occur. It is therefore important with an early follow-up so measures can be taken if anything indicates such development.

Sensitivity changes after an ear pinning

The sensitivity changes that arise following ear operations are normally temporary but in some cases they can remain permanent. This can lead to insensitivity to cold which implies an increased risk of frost bite.

Unsatisfactory results

In addition to the above medical risks involved with ear correction surgery there is always a risk that, due to unrealistic expectations or unexpected results, patients end up displeased with what is achieved. In these cases it is often possible to undergo secondary ear corrections.

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