Potential side effects associated with dermal fillers

Injection treatments with non-permanent fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Evolence etc. are regarded as very safe and are associated with few risks and rare complications and side effects.

Primarily the low level of complications is because the substance that is injected consists of natural material and because the injection products effect is temporary. If anything contrary to expectation was to go wrong the result will subside overtime with the absorption of the product by the body.

When treated with Hyaluronic acid based fillers the doctor can inject an antidote that quickly breaks down the product and thereby immediately resets the patient’s appearance.

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The potential complications associated with filler treatments are:

  • Infection can always arise when the skin is penetrated
  • Asymmetries and unevenness does occur and often due to an incorrect choice of filler, injection amount or lacking experience of the executor.
  • Bleeding, bruising and/or swelling can occur shortly after the treatment and last for up to a week. In rare cases discolorations’ may remain for longer.
  • The skin of the treated area may also become red and irritated, itch, develop a rash and hypersensitivity. These side effects are unusual and often temporary.

Permanent fillers imply greater risks

When using a permanent filler such as Artecoll, Dermaliv or Aquamid etc. there is risk of lasting complications such as unevenness due to the healing processes or age-related changes to the body’s tissues.

Because of the risks for long term complications many doctors advise against treatment with permanent fillers. You can read more about this on the page about different filler products ».

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