Penile enlargement risks and complications

Penis lengthening is much disputed because of the risk a functioning organ is exposed to. Over the years the methods have been refined and the risk of complications and side-effects have reduced but are however still present.

The risks associated with penile enlargement surgery can be divided into general and specific risks. This page is about the specific risks that are associated with penile lengthening or penile widening.

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Dissatisfaction with the result – the greatest risk

The most probable “complication” is that the patient is dissatisfied with the result of his penis enlargement.

In an American study based on 58 patients that had undergone penile enlargement surgery, 68% of them did not feel that the results fulfilled their expectations.

Weakened support and sensitivity following penile lengthening

A side-effect that most patients should count on is that after a penis lengthening due to the support ligaments being loosened the penis will point more to the south when erect. In some cases the movement will also be decreased due to the same reasons.

There is also a risk of decreased sensitivity to the penis and reduced erection ability.

Penile thickening risks

With a penile thickening there is a risk of the transplanted fat being absorbed by the body and thus the thickening disappearing. The fat may also be absorbed unevenly which will lead to unevenness on the penis.

There is a risk with dermis/skin transplantations that the scars resulting from the incision through which the skin was inserted may be discovered during intimate sessions with your partner.

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