Removal of skin tags & lumps (fibroma)

Skin tags and skin lumps (fibroma) as they are also called are harmless growths on the skin. They usually appear on the face or where the skin creases or folds such as the neck, armpits or eyelids.

Skin tag and skin lumps are harmless, they are treated mainly for cosmetic reasons but in some cases they can cause irritation and itching due rubbing against clothing or jewelry.

These skin lesions are easy to recognize and there is no need to visit the dermatologist for diagnosis. However, you can book an appointment at a private practice where they offer various treatment options for removal of skin tags and fibroma.

Three treatment options for removal of skin tags and skin lumps

If you have decided to remove a skin tag or skin lump, there are basically three different treatment options. None of them hurt, but local anesthesia as ointment or injection can be applied if wanted.

  1. Cutting it off is the simplest method for removing fibroma. The area around the skin tag will be disinfected first and then it will be cut off with a small scissor. You will get small superficial wound that will be taped and healed within a few days.
  2. Diathermy involves cutting or burning away skin tags with a small knife that is heated with help from alternating current. The heat coagulates blood vessels, which will prevent bleeding. The treatment gives superficial burns which will be taped and then it’s done. If high frequency current is used or individuals with sensitive skin it may cause minor scarring on the treated area. There is also a possibility to get temporary pigment changes on the skin, but will disappear gradually over the following weeks.
  3. Laser treatment involves use of ER: YAG or carbon dioxide laser, the skin tag will be burned/vaporized. Laser treatment also coagulates blood vessels which will prevent bleeding. However, after the treatment you will get a small wound on the treated area. You should not touch the crust until it falls off by itself.

After the treatment it is important to protect the treated area from sun exposure the first few months to avoid pigment changes.

Prices for removal of fibroma and skin tags

Be sure to consult a doctor who identifies if you are really having skin tags or not. A consultation can cost between £30-50. The price for the treatment is determined by the number of skin tags to be removed and what method that is used.

  • Cutting off 1-5 skin tags costs about £100
  • A diathermy treatment of 1-5 skin lumps costs between £20-50
  • Removal of 1-5 skin tags with laser treatment costs about £100-200

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The information above has been approved by doctor Tore Nilsen at Vaxsjo Medical Center. It should be viewed as general guidance for removal of skin tag and skin lumps (fibroma) and cannot replace a visit to the doctor.

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