Diathermy – single spider vein removal

Diathermy is an old and proven technique for spider vein removal by sealing off small individual superficial blood vessels, broken veins, thread veins or spider veins.

Thread vein removal with Diathermy

Diathermy treatment performed on superficial thread veins around the nose.

The diathermy technique is today also known as electrolysis, electrocoagulation, veinwave and thermocoagulation. However, they treatments keeps the same basis.

Diathermy is performed by the use of a very fine needle which is inserted into the vein. An electrical current is passed through the vein which is heated then sealed off, and makes the vein fade away.

An underestimated treatment for spider vein removal on the face

Diathermy can only treat one small vein at a time. This makes the method time consuming and therefore not suitable for treating larger areas. However, it can often be a very effective method for treating small individual thread or spider veins in the face.

Diathermy of broken vessels

Diathermy treatment of a small spider vein.

The result of a treament with diathermy mainly depends on the practitioner’s skills and patience. Provided that diathermy is used properly on the right vein problem (small threaded veins) it is a simple, profitable and realtively painless method. It often achieves the desired results with one single treatment session.

After the spider vein removal treatment, redness, swelling and pain may develop which can turn into healing scabs where the needle was inserted. It usually takes a week to be fully restored. However, it can take a month before seeing the final result.

The price for a spider vein removal with diathermy is approximately £60-110 per session depending on the area being treated.

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